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Canyon CrossFit has been helping people reach their fitness and health goals for over 4 years. Since all our coaches at Canyon CrossFit come from very conservative fitness backgrounds, we have a unique insight to what you are going to go through during your CrossFit journey.

We run our training facility like a martial arts school based on progression and improvement… a School of Elite Fitness. Scaling and modification of our movements are welcome d and encouraged until you achieve a level of fitness where you can do most of our movements full Range Of Motion (ROM) with the defined resistance levels.

We minimize the risk of injury by putting all our new clients through our comprehensive Fundamentals Program and then taking a phased approach to each client’s progression path to doing all our movements with full ROM with standard resistance levels. Get started today!

Canyon Crossfit Coaches and Staff


Ray Bandong
Crossfit Level 1 Certification
Canyon Crossfit Co-Owner
Crossfit Kids Certification
Crossfit Nutrition Certification
Crossfit Mobility Certification
Class E Soccer Coach License

Ray’s Story:
I was introduced to Crossfit Training in 2007. At my heaviest weight at 240lbs and 42 years old, I was looking for something different to change my life. My “why” was very simple, I wanted to live long enough to see my 1 year old daughter graduate from high school. This was no easy task since I have bad genetics and was leading a very unhealthy live style. Crossfit changed my life and helped me find a new meaning to my life…”To Impact People’s lives through Crossfit Training!”. Along with long-time friend, Rick Acosta, we opened Canyon Crossfit servicing the residents of Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda in 2008. My background as an Athletic Coach and Technical Trainer has given me the proper skill set to become an effective and passionate Crossfit Coach. Since I came from a very humble fitness level myself, I am very empathetic to all our new clients that start the Crossfit Training program. Our goal at Canyon Crossfit is to impact as many lives as we can to get the results that our clients are looking for.


David “Andrew” Garcia
Program Director, Health and Fitness Coach

Andrew’s Story:
Seven years ago, my father passed away. He had been unhealthy and ignorant all of his life. The same goes for the rest of my family as well, including me. I am 25 years old and I am grateful for my life changing experience with CrossFit. It is never too late to start making the right choices, just don’t let a traumatic incident in your life have you realize that.
To this day, I am the least fit client to start training at Canyon. I was not capable of running down the block, hold up my own body weight, or lift anything at all. Rick and Ray were always apprehensive letting me do Crossfit workouts. I was experiencing complete misery, but this was something I wanted to go through every day for just a couple of minutes knowing that in the future, I will have lifetime results.

Five years have passed now. I have lost over 130 pounds in the course of my journey and redeemed who knows how many years back into my life.

I could not have done it without the motivation from the community. I am thankful for them. Because of the community, I am living a lifestyle I never thought I can ever achieve. Years before, I stared at my future with blank eyes, ignorant and unhealthy. Now I have a clear picture of what I am passionate for and will always continue to work hard at: I am ambitious for the movement, for the wellness of others, and for myself. I have the will to do whatever is necessary to make good on the ambition for that cost.


Rick Acosta
Crossfit Level 1 Certification – 2008
Canyon Crossfit Co-Owner
Crossfit Mobility Certification
Resistive Stretching Course – Ki Hara
21 years of coaching youth baseball
Started Crossfit in 2007

Rick’s Story:
Everyone who comes through our door at Canyon Crossfit, has a reason – their “WHY”.  When I first heard of Crossfit I was 45 and the heaviest I ever was.  I was also on three types of medication.  My “Why”, is my family.  My primary goal was to get off my meds.  So I cleaned up my diet and started Crossfit.  Hard-work, perseverance, and a little push from the Crossfit community allowed me to hit my goal. Because I started Crossfit when I was a little older, it definitely produced some challenges.  I believe this experience has given me a unique opportunity in being able to coach the Crossfit methodology to anyone.  There is no one size fits all approach here at Canyon.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses and it is my job to enable you to get strong while being safe.


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      • “I have been going to Crossfit for about a year and making progress both as an athlete and as a person. I have seen my confidence grow and I have accomplished fitness goals because of it.”

        —Heather F.

      • “If you are looking for a place to get serious about being fit, you can not do better than with the team at Canyon CrossFit!”

        —Michael B.

      • “When I was introduced to Canyon Crossfit my first thought was “I’m not that young in-shape guy I use to be, can I do this?” But after a few one-on-one sessions with the trainers, I knew THIS was for ME. Now 35 lbs lighter I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years!”

        —Tom G.


        —Kimberly H.

      • “Of course I was complaining about the pain and soreness–but it was the good kind. In 20 minutes at Canyon CrossFit, I had completed a dynamic full-body workout.”

        —Tee L.

      • “Between the nutrition guidance, work out guidance and the crazy awesome work outs, I know I made the right decision in choosing Canyon CrossFit.”

        —Merna L.

      • “Absolutely awesome. I’ve done the gym pass, kickboxing, diets, etc. and NOTHING gave me results like Canyon CrossFit.”

        —Lisa A.